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Residential Roof Repair

Asphalt Shingles

Has Living in the Rapidly Changing Seasons of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin Proven to be Difficult When it Comes to Maintaining Your Roof Properly?

 If your residential roof has sprung a leak or faced erosion over time due to the fluctuations in temperature and harsh weather, you can count on EcoHome and our partners Kanga Roof to hop to the rescue and get it fixed quickly and safely.  

Our residential roof repair diagnostic service promises to find the root of your roof-related issues.  One of our expert technicians will survey your roof and once we have inspected everything, we will walk you through the best repair options for your roof.

We’re Also One of the Only Companies in the Region that Offers Emergency Residential Roof Repair Services.

In the event your home requires immediate attention, our roof repair specialists can tarp and secure your roof or home to prevent further damage to your residential property. 

EcoHome roofing technicians can quickly perform diagnostic services on residential properties in Winnebago, Boone, Ogle, Stephenson, McHenry, and Lee counties in Illinois, and Rock and Walworth counties in Wisconsin.

What are the Common Types of Roof Leaks?

For residential properties, there are several common types of roof leaks that can result in damage or deterioration in other areas of the property. These common types of roof leaks include: 

Chimney Leaks

Skylight Leaks

Vent Pipe Leaks

Valley Leaks

Gutter Leaks

Missing Shingles

Fascia & Soffit Leaks

While roof leaks can be frustrating, a complete roof replacement is not always necessary, and replacing ailing shingles can help extend the service life of your roof. Our diagnostic team has the experience and know-how to determine the scale and scope of work required to restore the health of your roof. 

What are the Common Causes of Roof Leaks?

While no two roofs are completely identical, there are a handful of common reasons why roofs leak. Some of these include: 


Most roofing systems can be expected to last 30 years — however, this estimate depends on how the roof was installed, the building materials, ventilation of the attic space (photo shows proper ventilation at the ridge), and maintenance of your roof.  If your roof is leaking, there is a good chance we can repair the leak.


Roofs that are heavily shaded or covered with leaves won’t perform with the ideal durability. Keeping your roof and gutters clean will help extend the life of your roof. Plus, properties in areas prone to high winds will need additional protections and maintenance to get the most out of a roof system. 


Storms will greatly impact the life of your roof. Hail damage can remove the protective granules on your shingles and expose them to the harmful effects of UV light. This will bake shingles and cause them to dry out and crack more quickly.

Ice Dams

An ice dam occurs when snow on your roof melts due to heat escaping from the attic of your home, causing the water to run down the roof and refreeze at the eaves of your roofing system. Ice dams can put undue stress on shingles, gutters, and other components of a roof system, which can then cause roof leaks and/or damage to other parts of your home. Ice dams can be caused by a number of factors including poor attic insulation, inadequate attic ventilation, or substandard flashing.

Materials & Craftsmanship

The most important day in the life of your roof is the day it’s installed. A roof that is installed with high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship can last for decades.

Common Types of Residential Roof Systems

These are the more common types of residential roof systems found in the region, and EcoHome has a wealth of experience of executing high-quality repairs quickly on each type of these systems.

Asphalt Shingles

Cedar Shingles & Shakes

Metal Roofing

Historic Tile, Slate, & Copper

Does Your Roof Need Repairs?

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