Kanga Roof

EcoHome Expert’s Kanga Roof provides only the best in home improvement services and is dedicated to the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin homeowner.

A roofing company will only realize great success with quality product that is backed by excellent customer service. We set our standards of quality, value and customer service to the highest degree. We go the distance to ensure that your experience with EcoHome expert’s Kanga Roof is a pleasurable one. From the initial purchase, to installation and years later, you will find us ready and willing to serve you.

EcoSharp Roof Assessment

A full 17 point roof inspection.

Our roof assessments give you a 17 point inspection, covering everything from shingle granules to proper attic ventilation. Our roofing specialists are thoroughly trained to find all of the issues associated with repairing or replacing your roof. Giving you the ability to make a well-informed decision about repairing or replacing your roofing system. As always, these assessment are free of charge!

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Full Roof Replacements

Finding the perfect roof for you.

Let’s face it, your roof never has a good day. Rain, wind, UV exposure, and winter cold, Illinois and Wisconsin get it all. Even the best cared for roofs, at some point, need to be replaced. When that time comes, it can be difficult to find the correct roofer for your home and budget.

We continue to grow our customer base by offering the best roofing systems available, while saving you time and money! When selecting a new roof for installation, we take in all the necessary variables and consult you for your needs, wants, budget, and any other concerns you may have for your home.

We design the process to guarantee your satisfaction!