Question: Does hail damage clay roof tiles?

Yes, hail does damage clay and concrete tile roofs. There is the apparent damage caused by hail when you have broken roof tiles. There is also damage that cannot be seen from the ground. This damage is small cracks and fractures in the tile that will cause the tile to break over time. Tile roofing systems also have copper flashings. Because copper is a soft metal, it is easily damaged by hail. Copper gutters on your tile roof will also be damaged by hail. If you have clay tile roof and live in the Evanston, IL Skokie, IL Wilmette, IL or Kenilworth, IL having your clay tile or concrete tile roof inspected would be sensible. Click here to schedule an inspection of your hail damaged clay or concrete tile roof.

Question: Are slate roofs damaged by hail?

Yes, natural rock slate roofing systems are damaged by hail in several ways. Hail will crack roof slates and break them. Hail will also punch holes in the slate. These hail impacts damage the slate and will lead to roof leaks. Copper flashings and copper gutters on your slate roof will also be dented and damaged by the hail as well. Click here to schedule an inspection of your hail damaged natural or manmade slate roof 

Question: Are Copper roofs damaged by hail?

Absolutely! Copper is a soft metal can be easily dented or damaged by large hail. Obvious signs of hail impacts, such as large circular impressions are one way to determine if your copper roof has been damaged. Other, not so obvious indicates such as split seams, damaged soldered areas, subtle denting and other indicators may not be as apparent to the untrained eye. Click here to schedule an inspection of your hail damaged copper roof 


Some home and business owners believe; “My tile, slate or copper roofing system is fine, I do not see any apparent damage.”

This is common since hail damage is difficult to detect unless you closely inspecting for the damage. We highly recommend you have your clay, concrete, slate or copper roofing system inspected for hail damage. Learn more about the insurance claim process for historic roofing systems and download our 9 Common Problems Encountered During Insurance Claims for Historical Roofing Systems

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