Damage from hail and/or wind to your roofing system can be difficult and lengthy process with your insurance company. It takes a skilled roofing crew with extensive “on the roof” training to spot the difference between a repair to a full on roof replacement.

If you suspect your home has been damaged by Mother Nature, we offer the experience to correct the damage to your home and also help you navigate with your insurance carrier.

Our Free e-book

Help for your insurance claim.

We also offer our free e-book given to us by our partners, Renaissance Roofing, Inc. This free e-book gives you tips and suggestions from a company working with insurance work for over 25 years now.

This free e-book provides information about:

  • Your Policy
  • Exactimate
  • Insurance Adjusters
  • Ordinance Code
  • Roofing Contractors
  • Number of Bids
  • The Sticker Shock
  • And When to Act
  • Learn your rights during insurance claim.
  • Know how to use your time and money efficiently.
  • Be fully aware of the tools adjusters will be using.
  • Learn what should be in your policy as a homeowner.
  • And be fully aware of the potential costs of your insurance claim.