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Making a difference in the Stateline, one system at a time.

Trust your new solar installation to a company who is a licensed roofing contractor. We’ll make sure your current roof can accommodate the system, BEFORE we install your new system correctly.

We can PROVE savings by showing you our state of the art 3D modeling system that calculates your home’s energy production vs adding panels!

    We are the area’s leading authority in the design and installation of Solar Photovoltaic Electrical Energy Systems. We are proud to offer our customers the cleanest, safest, and most maintenance-free source of electrical power available. Many customers are unsure where to start or how many panels to purchase for their home.

    How Residential Solar Works

    EcoHome Expert, Inc. installs photovoltaic home solar systems in the Chicago area. These systems convert sunlight into electrical energy you can use in your home. There are four main elements of each home solar system, two of which are already in your house:

    Solar panels, which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity (similar to what comes out of batteries).

    Inverters or microinverters, which convert the DC electricity into the alternating current (AC) electricity used by the grid and distributed in your home.

    A main breaker panel (sometimes called by its older name, the “fuse box”), which is where your solar system connects to your home’s electricity system.

    The utility meter, which measures the net amount of energy consumption from the grid.

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