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EcoHome Expert Inc. started with the idea of being different, different from every other roofing company across the mid-west. We sought to give our customers detailed and informed roofing evaluations, replace roofs with more than satisfactory roofing materials, and provide our customers with industry leading customer satisfaction.

We saw the need for change; therefore, EcoHome Expert, Inc. was designed and created to be a step above the competition and provide each of our customers with an entirely new experience when it comes to home renovation, restoration and remodeling. We offer a variety of the highest quality products for your home while guaranteeing you the best customer service in the industry.

It’s time for a change; it’s time for home expert.

Kanga Roof

Kanga Roof provides expertly designed and installed roofing systems for both residential and commercial applications. We can provide you everything from a simple home repair to a complete historic restoration.

As always, Kanga Roof will always deliver the highest level of quality and professional workmanship you expect and deserve.

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EcoHome Expert

EcoHome Expert, Inc. is the Midwest's leading authority in the design and installation of Solar Photo-voltaic Electrical Energy Systems. Backed by a 25-year manufacturer warranty. Our systems will provide you the peace of mind knowing your home or business is producing the cleanest, safest, and the most maintenance free source of electrical power available.

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Replacement vs. Roof Repair in Rockford, IL

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Roof Repair in Rockford IL

When will my building’s roof need to be replaced? It’s a question that can worry many facility managers since this type of project typically comes with significant cost and disruption to operations. Cost-effective roof repair in Rockford IL and restorations can often be done to delay a roof replacement until absolutely necessary. Many recent improvements in technology and product development are available to support this approach.

The key to maximizing a roof’s lifespan lies in adopting proactive maintenance practices, performing consistent semi-annual inspections, and intervening in a timely manner with professional repairs and restorations.


Can There Be Roof Repair in Rockford, IL?

At some point, every roof will encounter a leak. There are too many factors at play working against it to prevent every leak occurrence, but the more timely fashion in which facility managers deal with any issues, the better off the facility will be in the long term.

All leaks, no matter how big or small, need to be resolved quickly to prevent these evolving into bigger problems that ultimately can cause slip-fall risks, mold growth, damaged equipment or inventory inside a building, insect infestation, higher utility costs, and more.

At the onset of any problem, the first course of action should be to contact a trusted roofing contractor and explain the problem(s). Based on the contractor’s findings, facility managers can then determine the most cost-effective, yet durable solution for their building. Typically, roof repair in Rockford, IL are the lowest cost option and quickest way to resolve a problem, so choosing that as a first course of action falls within the best practice philosophy of extending the useful life of the roof.


Pinpointing Cause of Roof Leaks

Water penetration from a roof leak is a telltale sign of a compromise in the waterproofing properties of a roof. Four of the most common failure points on a roof are:

  • Penetrations (holes in roof to accommodate HVAC components, vent pipes, drains, skylights, roof hatches, antennas, etc.) are typically the weakest points of the roof. These are the most vulnerable spots for water to find its way in, so it stands to reason these must be properly sealed and maintained.
  • Seams are located where sheets of roofing material (whether it’s single-ply, metal, built-up, etc.) come together. Fasteners, or even the seams themselves, can separate over time due to normal wear and tear or harsh weather conditions, allowing water to enter the building.
  • Ponding water is a situation where water has collected on a roof from rain and has not drained within a couple of days afterwards. If water remains for more than 48 hours on a roof’s surface, it can be a sign of a problem with the roof’s drainage system.
  • Membrane failure is another common cause of problems on a roof. Commercial roof membranes can crack, split, tear, or expose open laps for various reasons, and these include changes in temperature, excessive wear, UV penetration, wind, debris, freeze-thaw cycles, and more.

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