Recycling Old Roofing Shingles

Let’s Make a Difference: Recycling Old Roofing Shingles

Recycling Old Roofing Shingles

Recycling Old Roofing Shingles from a Roof Tear-Off / Solar Energy Installation Project.

Recycling Old Roofing Shingles

The initial impact was subtle, the overall impact was incredible!


June 30, 2014 John Hilkevitch from the Chicago Tribune wrote an article explaining how O’Hare International Airport is the first U.S. based airport to use recycled roofing materials to construct an additional runway for the airport. The result of this effort was over “9,500 tons of material repurposed from recycled asphalt shingles” which was gathered from all over Chicago area.


This is not the first time old roofing shingles have been repurposed into road use. Many states across the United States have allowed road crews to use recycled materials for road construction projects. The result of this effort is not only saving companies money, but more importantly saving the environment literally tons of asphalt shingles from filling the landfills.


Since the creation of EcoHome Expert, Inc., our company has kept our focus on helping the environment along with our customers. This focus lead our company to be the first roofing company in Winnebago  and Boone Counties to recycle 100% of the old roofing shingles from our roofing projects.


By year 2011, our company alone recycled over 1 million pounds of asphalt shingles! We sent 1,206,340 pounds of asphalt shingles to be used in new asphalt roads and parking lots. Year after year this number only increases as we continue to recycle %100 of our roofing waste. “Going Green” has a whole new meaning for us and our clients as we continue to make a difference  for our environment across Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.


If you want more information about going green – recycling old roofing shingles or are interested in a free 17 point roof assessment. Feel free to call us at 815-544-1100 or follow the link below and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.


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