Solar Panel Installation by EcoHome Expert, Inc.

Cutting Energy Costs; Solar Energy Can Help

Cutting Energy Costs; Solar Energy Can Help

Solar Installation by EcoHome Expert, Inc.

Cutting Energy Costs; Solar Energy Can Help


BELVIDERE, IL. – Aug. 19, 2014 – With rising energy costs, Illinois homeowners might be surprised to find out the Illinois State Government is here to help. The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) has developed a Solar Wind Energy Rebate Program. This Rebate Program has the potential to cut the cost of Solar Photovoltaic energy systems by almost half. The DCEO has also announced that applications for this rebate will become available by as early as this week.


Wayne Hartel, an Energy Program Specialist for the Illinois Energy Office explains, “This Rebate Program will accept applicants for the random selection until October 10th, 2014… The DCEO has allocated approximately $2.5 million to the rebate program this fiscal year.”


Wayne Hartel also explains, “All solar PV and wind energy systems must be completed by a certified distributed energy installer (Illinois Commerce Commision’s certified list). DCEO will not approve any application until it can confirm that the installer has been certified by the ICC.”


The only Solar Photovoltaic company authorized by the state in the Boone and Winnebago County area is EcoHome Expert, Inc. They have been installing Solar Energy systems since 2010 and are currently installing 2 new solar photovoltaic energy systems.


“The first time you throw that switch and see the electric meter start spinning backwards, it’s hard not to get excited,” says EcoHome’s President Bob Raleigh.


Raleigh says improvements in technology now allow us to add one solar panel at a time. So home-owners can expand their systems and watch the energy output on the computer or even their smartphone.


If you are interested in Solar Energy for your home or business feel free to call us at 815-544-1100 or follow the link below to have one of our solar energy experts contact you!

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